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1960s World History Trivia Quiz

Trivia about 1960s World History 

The swinging ‘60s was a defining decade in world history – from the rise of Beatlemania, through to the invention of the iconic flared trouser, and colour TVs, it’s a generation inspired by revolution and cultural change!

Why not have a go at testing your knowledge with our 1960s World History Trivia Quiz, or test a friend and go head-to-head! We’ve compiled our top 10 trivia questions to challenge how well you really know the ‘60s, covering topics ranging from Rock n’ Roll, the Beatles and British Politics in the ‘60s.

This 1960s World History Trivia Quiz will put your knowledge to the test, along with some of our other quizzes that you can send to friends or challenge yourself with – starting with our 1960s World History Trivia Quiz.

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    The Mau Mau uprising happened in which African country?

    • Kenya
    • Egypt
    • South Africa
    • Ghana
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    300 students were arrested and the martial law declared in which Spanish city in January 1969?

    • Madrid
    • Barcelona
    • Malaga
    • Bilbao
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    Yasser Arafat was elected leader of a liberation organisation in which state in 1969?

    • Palestine
    • Jordan
    • Israel
    • Egypt
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    Which plane, nicknamed the Jumbo, made its first flight in February 1969?

    • Boeing 747
    • Boeing 757
    • Boeing 767
    • Boeing 777
  • Question of

    Who stepped down as President of France in April 1969?

    • de Gaulle
    • Mitterand
    • Chirac
    • Coty
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    What is the name of the Australian media tycoon who bought The News of the World in 1969?

    • Rupert Murdoch
    • Robert Maxwell
    • Robert Munro
    • Robin Day

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