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1960s Pop Song Quiz: Music Challenge

Trivia about ‘80s music 

Play the 1960s Pop Song Quiz today!

Which 1960 Frankie Laine hit starts ‘Rollin, rollin, rollin’? If you know the answer to this question then you should put this knowledge to the test in our Name That ‘60s Song Quiz, which is all about the sounds of the 1960s and the song lyrics that accompany them.

For a real ‘60s music buff the Name That ‘60s Song Quiz is a perfect way to show off your skills as you’ll need to know more than just the song name and artist to pass this test. The Name That ‘60s Song Quiz is for those that want to deep dive into the era of 1960s music and relive those now iconic sounds.

To score a perfect 10/10 result in the 1960s Pop Song Quiz, you’ll need to match up to questions on Elvis’s music hits, as well as other renowned artists from the decade.

  • Question of

    Which 1960 Frankie Laine hit starts ‘Rollin, rollin, rollin’?

    • Rawhide
    • Mule Train
    • I Believe
  • Question of

    Which British port gets a name check in the first line of ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’?

    • Southampton
    • Plymouth
    • Dover
  • Question of

    Which duo has a song which starts ‘slow down, you move too fast’?

    • Simon and Garfunkel
    • The Drifters
    • Carpenters
  • Question of

    Which Elvis song has the first line ‘We’re caught in a trap’?

    • Suspicious Minds
    • In the Ghetto
    • Viva Las Vegas
  • Question of

    Which Elvis song has the line ‘Are you sorry we drifted apart’?

    • Are You Lonesome Tonight
    • Wooden Heart
    • A Little Less Conversation

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