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State Capitals Trivia Quiz: USA Geography

Trivia about how well we know America?

Play the State Capitals Trivia Quiz today!

Can you recall all 50 US states without help or guesswork? If so you might be in with a chance of winning this Ultimate State Capitals Trivia Quiz if this happens to be your specialist subject of choice!

The quiz isn’t just a simple memory or recall test on naming 50 states, this is one quiz that is bound to get you thinking about some of the key landmarks that each state is famed for, as well as some state nicknames that you might not know unless a resident or keen traveler!

Get ready and remember, when you are done with the Ultimate US State Capitals Trivia Test, share your results!

  • Question of

    Mount Mitchell is located in which US State?

    • North Carolina
    • Georgia
    • Tennessee
  • Question of

    Which of these US state capitals is largest by population?

    • Phoenix
    • Indianapolis
    • Nashville
  • Question of

    Which state capital is the only one which not also a county seat?

    • Lansing
    • Olympia
    • Sacramento
  • Question of

    Which US State is known as the Empire State of the South?

    • Georgia
    • Alabama
    • Pennsylvania
  • Question of

    Which US State is nicknamed the Volunteer State?

    • Tennessee
    • Iowa
    • Alabama

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