Capital City Quiz: Iconic Cities Challenge

Trivia about Iconic cities

The Capital City Quiz: Iconic Cities Challenge will test your knowledge of cities worldwide. The quiz features 10 questions and the answers are all major cities. Sounds easy, right? Be warned, some these questions are a little tough and will really out you to the test.

The most populated city in America is New York City, with 8.5 million residents. But you knew that I’m sure. Whether you want to put your geography knowledge to the test or simply want to learn some new facts to show off with, the quiz is perfect for you.

Take the Capital City Quiz: Iconic Cities Challenge now to find out just how many answers you can get right out of 10 and then share your results so you can show off your score to family and friends.

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    Changi Airport serves which city in Asia?

    • Singapore
    • Tokyo
    • Bangkok
    • Beijing
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    Hartsfield Airport serves which US city?

    • Atlanta
    • Denver
    • Boston
    • Las Vegas
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    The city of Paris, France, is situated on which of these river?

    • Seine
    • Rhone
    • Loire
    • Rhine
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    The famous Spanish Steps are in which European city?

    • Rome
    • Barcelona
    • Madrid
    • Paris
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    The Giants and the Jets are football teams from which US city?

    • New York
    • Boston
    • Los Angeles
    • Dallas
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    The Ginza is a famous shopping district in which city?

    • Tokyo
    • Osaka
    • Singapore
    • Kuala Lumpur
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    Which city in Turkey was formerly called Byzantium and then Constantinople?

    • Istanbul
    • Ankara
    • Izmir
    • Antalya
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    Which city was capital of India under the British Raj, until 1911?

    • Calcutta
    • Bombay
    • Bangalore
    • Madras
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    Which district of Paris, France, is famed for its street artists?

    • Montmartre
    • St Denis
    • Le Marais
    • St Germain
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    Which is the largest city in Connecticut by population?

    • Bridgeport
    • New Haven
    • Hartford
    • Stamford

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