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Italian Language Quiz – Lessons in Italian

Trivia about the Italian Language

Play the Italian Language Quiz today.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the language. Whether you are a fluent speak or simply want to test how much you can remember.

The majority of Italian speakers reside in Italy, Italian also holds official or co-official language status in San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Vatican City. Italian is also the second-most spoken language in Argentina.

There is also a sizeable population of native speakers in the United States.

So, why wait? Take the Incredible Italian Language Quiz to see how many of the 10 questions you are able to answer correctly. And be sure to share your results as evidence of your knowledge!

  • Question of

    What does the musical term crescendo mean in Italian?

    • Growing
    • Slowly
    • High
    • Low
  • Question of

    If an Italian person wished you a ‘buon compleanno’, what would they be saying?

    • Happy Birthday
    • Safe journey
    • Have a nice day
    • Good morning
  • Question of

    When someone is dining al fresco, where are they?

    • Outside
    • Kitchen
    • Dining room
    • Bed
  • Question of

    What Italian phrase is used to describe any overly temperamental person who has an elevated sense of ego?

    • Prima donna
    • Pianoforte
    • Incognito
    • Ditto
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    The word “piano” is a shortened form of what original Italian term?

    • Pianoforte
    • Pianossava
    • Pianomedlia
    • Pianocchio
  • Question of

    Which English word comes to us originally from an Italian exclamation calling soldiers “to arms”?

    • Alarm
    • Army
    • Armed
    • Armistice
  • Question of

    The word “incognito” is Italian for which of the following?

    • Unknown
    • Hider
    • Invisible
    • Disguise
  • Question of

    Which Italian word means “the same thing again”?

    • Ditto
    • Incognito
    • Imbecile
    • Akin
  • Question of

    Which Italian word means a stupid or foolish person who tries to be funny?

    • Buffoon
    • Poltroon
    • Imbecile
    • Lumpen
  • Question of

    The English word ‘bankrupt’ comes originally from the Italian term meaning what?

    • Broken bench
    • Broken safe
    • Broken house
    • Broken dreams

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