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The Ultimate Italian Language Trivia Quiz

Trivia about Italian Language words

Take the Italian Language Trivia Quiz. Do you think you have a good understanding of the Italian language? You can now prove it by taking the Ultimate Italian Language Trivia Quiz.

Though various dialects of Italian have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until Italy unified that a standard version of the language emerged. In 1861, only about 2.5% of Italy’s population could speak what is now known as standard Italian. Like other Romance languages (and English), Italian uses Roman characters. However, it contains five fewer letters than English: it lacks the letters j, k, w, x, and y. If you see these letters in an Italian text, it means the word has been borrowed from another language.

Take the Ultimate Italian Language Trivia Quiz to see how many of the questions you are able to answer correctly. You can even play against your friends by sharing the Ultimate Italian Language Quiz on your social media account and comparing your scores.

This game is a challenging quiz to test how much you know about Italian language. Fans and learners of the Italian language should enjoy this quiz app on their smartphones. In this app, players have to answer questions by choosing the correct answer on their mobile phone screen. Players can also compete against other players and compare their scores after completing the Ultimate Italian Language Trivia Quiz in three different levels. The test questions increase as the player advances through each level. However, the game won’t count your score until you register with an account – it’s a very fair system that everyone can enjoy. As a plus feature, players can post their scores on social media in order to get encouragement from friends or family members who might not understand exactly what they are talking about when it comes to words found in Italian texts and expressions.

  • Question of

    Il cavallo is Italian for what animal?

    • Horse
    • Pig
    • Cow
    • Sheep
  • Question of

    Il lupo is Italian for what animal?

    • Wolf
    • Dog
    • Fox
    • Coyote
  • Question of

    Lo struzzo is Italian for what animal?

    • Ostrich
    • Flamingo
    • Emu
    • Dodo
  • Question of

    Il cammello is Italian for what animal?

    • Camel
    • Horse
    • Zebra
    • Reindeer
  • Question of

    La pecora is Italian for what animal?

    • Sheep
    • Goat
    • Horse
    • Cow
  • Question of

    Il canguro is Italian for what animal?

    • Kangaroo
    • Dingo
    • Koala
    • Wombat
  • Question of

    What is the Italian term for cooking pasta firm but not hard?

    • Al dente
    • Del Potro
    • Scotta
    • Ravioli
  • Question of

    What is pasta fresca?

    • Fresh pasta
    • Dried pasta
    • Tasteless pasta
    • Colored pasta
  • Question of

    The Italian word for scratched drawings, used commonly in English, is what?

    • Graffiti
    • Sketches
    • Live Art
    • Clay Modelling
  • Question of

    The word “scherzo” means what?

    • A joke
    • A fact
    • A day
    • A life

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