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Stupid Tributes To The Queen: Quiz

Stupid Tributes To The Queen

There have been so many Stupid Tributes To The Queen since she sadly passed away. Social media and strategy teams seemed to have collectively lost their minds as they struggled to work out what to do. Some opted for simple tributes, some tried to get free PR but overwhelmingly they just messed the whole thing up.

Have you been following the news and seeing all these Stupid Tributes To The Queen like closing bike lanes, holiday centres, hospital appointments and absolutely bizarre tweets? Take our fun and amusing Stupid Tributes To The Queen quiz and see if you remember the best and worst effort of our best loved brands.

There is no right way to act when a national icon dies but the social media teams of large companies and organisations should know better than to get themselves in a mess. No amount of social media rubbish can make people grieve but thanks Dominoes, Ann Summers and more for your great tributes!

Take our quiz and see if you have been subjected to this total mess of brands looking to do the right thing and completely failing. The poor old Queen would not have thanked anyone who stopped cyclists riding or families being on holiday so why did the brands think this was a good way to pay tribute?

This is a quiz that includes a rogues gallery of brand mishaps – take the quiz and laugh at their efforts to join in the “national grieving”.

The Queen was born in 1926 and died in 2022 and reigned for an incredible 70 years. This quiz is the best way to pay tribute to those companies and brands who sought to pay Stupid Tributes to The Queen and faced a mocking crowd on social media.

Good luck and take a bow or curtsy if you do well.

  • Question of

    Which well known holiday park caused outrage by trying to close and kicking out all holiday makers on the day of the Queen’s funeral?

    • Centre Parks
    • Haven Holidays
  • Question of

    Which organisation suggested to it’s members that cycling during the Queen’s funeral should not happen and would be disrespectful?

    • Met Police
    • British Cycling Asscociation
  • Question of

    Which British supermarket laughably turned down the self service beeps to pay homage to The Queen?

    • Sainsbury’s
    • Morrisons
  • Question of

    Which fitness chain sent out a post with a laughable work out designed to pay respects to The Queen that included lunges, press ups and a minutes silence?

    • Crossfit
    • Fitness First
  • Question of

    The Met Office announced which of these ridiculous tributes to the Queen during the periood of national mourning?

    • Only be posting daily forecasts
    • Stopping all forecasts
  • Question of

    Which travel brand caused laughter with its tweet of a picture of The Queen with the words “Safe travels Ma’am”?

    • Thomson
    • Thomas Cook
  • Question of

    Which city amazingly blocked off their cycle bays for ‘royal period of mourning’?

    • Norwich
    • Ipswich
  • Question of

    Which sexy underwear brand decided to quote a cartoon bear in a tribute to the Queen – “Thank you Ma’am, for everything – for women, for family, for our nation. Sleep well.”

    • Agent Provocateur
    • Ann Summers
  • Question of

    Which low end shop decided the best way to pay tribute to The Queen was to “stop posting on this channel until further notice”?

    • Cash Convertors
    • Poundland
  • Question of

    What did the Crazy Frog tweet in a touching tribute to our great Queen?

    • Yes
    • Bye Queenie

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