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Apple iPhone Trivia Quiz

Trivia about Apple Laptops

In the Big Apple iPhone Trivia Quiz we are bringing you 10 questions about the technology giant Apple Inc. and the way it has shaped technology over only the last couple of decades.

On October 23, 2001, Apple introduced the iPod digital music player. It changed the way we would listen to music forever and as of September 2015 more than 390 million units had been sold. We’ve got questions about the iPod and more in the Big Apple Inc. Trivia Quiz.

So, whether you think of yourself as fairly tech savvy or you simply want learn a few new facts about the global brand, take the Big Apple iPhone Trivia Quiz now to find out how well you’re able to do.

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    What was Steve Jobs middle name?

    • Paul
    • Pedro
    • Pierre
    • Pascal
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    Actor Jeff Goldblum appeared in an ad for what product in 2000?

    • iMovie
    • iTunes
    • iBeacon
    • FaceTime
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    What is the symbol for EDGE on an iPhone status bar?

    • E
    • D
    • G
    • I
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    Which global positioning system arrived with the iPhone 4S?

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    What is home button represented by on an iPhone?

    • Rounded Square
    • Rounded Triangle
    • Rounded Rectangle
    • Rounded Circle
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    LCD stands for what?

    • Liquid Crystal Display
    • Little Crystal Display
    • Luminous Crystal Display
    • Landscape Crystal Display
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    Which scientist featured on the first ever Apple logo?

    • Isaac Newton
    • Alexander Graham Bell
    • Einstein
    • Marie Curie
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    What did Steve Wozniak sell for $500 to fund the start up of Apple?

    • Scientific Calculator
    • Digital Watch
    • Rolls Royce
    • His House
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    Which animal hybrid was in the Cairo font of the original Macintosh?

    • Dogcow
    • Dogpig
    • Doggiraffe
    • Dogunicorn
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    Which singer/songwriter tried to sue Apple for trademark infringement?

    • Bob Dylan
    • Bob Marley
    • Michael Bolton
    • Barry Manilow

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