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Bob Dylan Music Quiz: Fan Special

Trivia about Bob Dylan songs

Play the Bob Dylan Music Quiz today!

Aside from Bob Dylan’s infamy as one of the the greatest living folk-rock singer-songwriters, those true fans out there might know that aside from his illustrious career in music he is also a huge advocate for human rights and equality, having performed at the March on Washington and also composed songs inspired by black figures like Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.

In the Remember That Bob Dylan Track? Music Quiz, your knowledge of everything Bob Dylan-related will be put to the test. Across 10 rounds of questions you’ll need to think on your feet and recall some of Dylan’s greatest hits and career milestones in detail. If you’re a true Bob Dylan fan then have a go now at the Remember That Bob Dylan Track? Music Quiz.

Before you start, remember to share your results when you’re done with the Remember That Bob Dylan Track? Music Quiz!

  • Question of

    Bob Dylan was called what during a concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall?

    • Judas
    • Jesus
    • God
  • Question of

    Bob Dylan won the 1996 Grammy for Best Album for ‘Time Out of….’?

    • Mind
    • Space
    • Time
  • Question of

    Bringing It All Back Home was released by Bob Dylan in which decade?

    • 1960s
    • 1970s
    • 1990s
  • Question of

    During what decade was Bob Dylan born?

    • 1940s
    • 1930s
    • 1960s
  • Question of

    Hearts of Fire was a film that Bob Dylan starred in. What was his characters name?

    • Billy Parker
    • Don Parker
    • Peter Parker

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