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Music Trivia Game: Big Challenge

Trivia about music from the past

Play the Music Trivia Game today!

Can you name some of the biggest selling music artists of all time? Some of the names on this list might not surprise you but the figures are unbelievable! The number one selling artist of all time sold a colossal 178 million units worldwide. That title belongs to no other than The Beatles whose hit-making years ran from from 1962, when they released their first single “Love Me Do”, up until their final session in Abbey Road in 1969.

If you know your music history well then you should have a go competing in the Music From The Past Trivia. In the 8-question round you will face topics just like the one above, from questions on record-breaking albums and chart hits to questions on bands like Snow Patrol and others. If you think you know enough to beat the Music From The Past Trivia then start now, and remember to share your results once you’ve completed the Music From The Past Trivia!

How well did you do in the Music Trivia Game?

  • Question of

    Name the 2013 album from X Factor runner up Jahméne Douglas?

    • Love Never Fails
    • Yeezus
    • AM
  • Question of

    Name the Kylie Minogue album from 2010?

    • Aphrodite
    • Kiss Me Once
    • Kylie
  • Question of

    Name the singer who released the album Life for Rent in 2003?

    • Dido
    • 50 Cent
    • Beyonce
  • Question of

    No Jacket Required was a hit album for which singer?

    • Phil Collins
    • Elton John
    • Rod Stewart
  • Question of

    On which 2008 album could one find a huge hit ‘Use Somebody’ from Kings of Leon?

    • Only by the Night
    • Because of the Times
    • Aha Shake Heartbreak
  • Question of

    One Direction’s top selling album of 2013 was called…?

    • Midnight Memories
    • Settle
    • Days Are Gone
  • Question of

    Only by the Night was a 2008 album by which band?

    • Kings of Leon
    • N Dubz
    • Girls Aloud
  • Question of

    Paolo Nutini returned to #1 in 2014 with which album?

    • Caustic Love
    • Toxic Love
    • Poisonous Love

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