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Guess The Song Trivia Game: Challenge

Trivia about guessing the music record

Guess The Song Trivia Game is a must for all music fans!

Do you know the name of the artist or band which has released the most amount of albums ever? If you didn’t know then the answer might surprise you. The title has actually been taken by a greek songstress, named Nana Mouskouri, who has made an estimated 450 albums in total, and sold over 300 million of these worldwide! It’s an impressive feat to out-sell the likes of Beyonce and Madonna!

If you consider yourself a bit of a music history fan then the Guess The Music Record Trivia should be well suited to you! Across 8 rounds of quiz questions you’ll be facing subjects like, name the best selling albums of previous years and name album’s that have clinched the number 1 spot in the charts in recent years!

The Guess The Music Record Trivia is also ideal for anyone that just loves music and wants to see how far they can get in the round. Remember, if you want to really prove your knowledge then share your scores when you’re done with the Guess The Music Record Trivia!

How well did you do in the Guess The Song Trivia Game?

  • Question of

    Dire Straits biggest selling album is called what?

    • Money for Nothing
    • Brothers In Arms
    • Love Over Gold
  • Question of

    Ed Sheeran spent several weeks at #1 in 2012 with which album?

    • +
    • =
  • Question of

    Emeli Sande’s top selling album of 2012 had which title?

    • Our Version of Events
    • Next To Me
    • Heaven
  • Question of

    Kasabian’s hit album from 2011 is called…?

    • Velociraptor!
    • Kasabian
    • Empire
  • Question of

    Monkey Business is a 2005 album by which band?

    • Black Eyed Peas
    • Fugees
    • M People
  • Question of

    Name James Blunt’s bestselling album from 2004?

    • Back to Bedlam
    • Moon Landing
    • Some Kind Of Trouble
  • Question of

    Name Leona Lewis’ 2007 hit album?

    • Spirit
    • Glassheart
    • Ghost
  • Question of

    Name the 2010 album from Katy Perry?

    • Teenage Dream
    • Prism
    • Katy Hudson

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