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Bob Marley Trivia Quiz: Music Game

Trivia about Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits

Play the Bob Marley Trivia Quiz today!

Do you know what Bob Marley’s occupation used to be before he became the multi-million dollar megastar he is known as today? The answer is a rather surprising one for any fan without an in-depth knowledge of the star’s history or life! Bob Marley used to be non other than a palm reader before he found fame, a fact not many who follow his music career would necessarily know or think!

If you love reggae music and know Bob Marley’s music mega-hits well then you should take the Bob Marley Greatest Hits Trivia now to prove your skills and potentially earn big points in the round! Across 5 questions you’ll need to prove how much you know about his album releases, and also his life. Bob Marley has a fascinating life history so if you just want to test yourself and discover more about the singer, then the Bob Marley Greatest Hits Trivia is a good place to start.

Good luck competing in the Bob Marley Trivia Quiz.

  • Question of

    400 Years’ first appeared on what album?

    • Catch A Fire
    • Natty Dread
    • Rastaman Vibration
  • Question of

    A member of what group didn’t have a cameo in the video for ‘One Love’?

    • Color Me Badd
    • Bananarama
    • Musical Youth
  • Question of

    A species of what kind of animal discovered in the Caribbean was named after Bob Marley in 2002?

    • Parasite
    • Shrimp
    • Eel
  • Question of

    Africa Unite’ first appeared on what album?

    • Survival
    • Babylon By Bus
    • Catch A Fire
  • Question of

    Alicia Keys and John Legend sang what Bob Marley song on an Australia tour in honor of Nelson Mandela’s memory?

    • Redemption Song
    • One Love
    • Buffalo Soldier

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