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Ultimate Bob Marley Fan Quiz

Trivia for the ultimate Bob Marley fan

Bob Marley might be the most celebrated and well known of the Marley family but did you know that Stephen Marley and Damian Marley have both amassed huge fortunes in their own right? Of the two brothers, Stephen Marley is a six-time grammy award winning musician who has amassed a staggering $20 million dollar fortune, and Damian is similarly just as talented, and wealthy!

If you know a thing or two about the Marley clan, and Bob’s journey to fame then you should give the Ultimate Bob Marley Fan Quiz a go to see how well you fair in the leader boards. To score a perfect 8/8 in the Ultimate Bob Marley Fan Quiz, you’ll need to possess a good working knowledge of his back catalogue, as well as some key facts about his personal life.

If you think you have what it takes to beat the Ultimate Bob Marley Fan Quiz, then start now and remember to share your results!

  • Question of

    Anita Antoinette covered what Bob Marley song in the Top 12 round of season 7 of ‘The Voice’?

    • Redemption Song
    • Get Up, Stand Up
    • I Know
    • Is This Love
  • Question of

    As of 2015, where does Bob Marley rank on the list of top earning dead celebrities?

    • 5th
    • 12th
    • 9th
    • 1st
  • Question of

    At what age did Bob Marley leave school to start his music career?

    • 14
    • 18
    • 11
    • 15
  • Question of

    Babylon System’ first appeared on what album?

    • Survival
    • Babylon By Bus
    • Confrontation
    • Uprising
  • Question of

    Besides his military service, what did Bob Marley’s father do for a living?

    • Plantation Owner
    • Police Officer
    • Sugarcane Farmer
    • Car Salesman
  • Question of

    Blackman Redemption’ first appeared on what album?

    • Confrontation
    • Uprising
    • Survival
    • Exodus
  • Question of

    Bob Marley and his mom moved to what town following the passing of his father?

    • Kingston
    • Portmore
    • Montego Bay
    • Spanish Town
  • Question of

    Bob Marley brought out an album that shares its name with which book from the bible?

    • Exodus
    • Genesis
    • Leviticus
    • Ezekiel

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