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The Big Einstein Trivia Quiz

Trivia about the physicist Einstein

Take the Big Einstein Trivia Quiz to find out how well you really know Einstein. And be sure to share your results on social media account to show off your score to all your friends, they may even want to play along themselves to try and beat your score.

Albert Einstein was a German mathematician and physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. In 1921, he won the Nobel Prize for physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.

In this quiz we are testing your knowledge on his life and work. Even his most devoted fans will struggle to answer all 10 questions in the Big Einstein Trivia Quiz correctly. With questions ranging from birthplace to his military service, the quiz really does cover it all.

  • Question of

    In which country was Albert Einstein born?

    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Switzerland
    • Czech Republic
  • Question of

    Einstein spent many years working at Princeton University in which US State?

    • New Jersey
    • California
    • Massachusetts
    • North Carolina
  • Question of

    Einstein visited New York for the first time in which decade?

    • 1920s
    • 1930s
    • 1940s
    • 1950s
  • Question of

    Why was Einstein not conscripted to do military service in Switzerland?

    • He Failed The Medical
    • He Was Too Short
    • He Was Too Young
    • His Job Was Too Important
  • Question of

    What religion was Einstein brought up as?

    • Jewish
    • Roman Catholic
    • Hindu
    • Muslim
  • Question of

    Einstein requested that his house in New Jersey not be turned into what?

    • Museum
    • Student Residence
    • Fast Food Restaurant
    • Bed And Breakfast
  • Question of

    In which year was Einstein awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics?

    • 1921
    • 1929
    • 1909
    • 1915
  • Question of

    What type of feature on the moon was named after Einstein in 1964?

    • Crater
    • Ridge
    • Plateau
    • Cliff
  • Question of

    Which category of Nobel Prize did Einstein win in 1921?

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Literature
    • Peace
  • Question of

    In Einstein’s most famous equation E=mc2, what does M stand for?

    • Mass
    • Motion
    • Mercury
    • Medicine

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