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World Geography Quiz: Explorer’s Challenge

Trivia about World Explorers

For any keen traveller, this quiz is sure to put your knowledge to the test! You’ll be quizzed on a broad subjects spanning continents and cultures from around the world. To give you a quick head start before you delve into the World Geography Quiz: Explorer’s Challenge, you’ll need to be prepared to face questions on an array of subjects. The quiz will give any interested traveller a run for their money.

With questions relating to famous writers frequenting the Republic Of Ireland’s capital, Dublin, to questions on the tourist population of countries like Canada, there is a lot packed into this 10-question quiz round.

So, do you think you have what it takes? Don’t forget to share your results once you’ve completed the quiz. Your friends and family may even want to have a go at the World Geography Quiz: Explorer’s Challenge themselves.

  • Question of

    The popular tourist attraction The Vasa Museum is found in which Nordic capital?

    • Stockholm
    • Warsaw
    • Helsinki
    • Riga
  • Question of

    The Yanomami tribe who live in the Amazon consists of approximately how many members?

    • 20,000
    • 25,000
    • 18,000
    • 27,000
  • Question of

    There are how many indigenous tribes believed to be living within the Amazon rainforest?

    • 450-500
    • 400-450
    • 500-550
    • 550-600
  • Question of

    Tourists from which country holiday in Canada the most?

    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Mexico
    • France
  • Question of

    Tourists might go to which of these destinations to gamble?

    • Monte Carlo
    • Prague
    • Rome
    • Dallas
  • Question of

    What is a sento in Japan?

    • Bath house
    • Park
    • Office
    • School
  • Question of

    What is the most populated city in Brazil?

    • Sao Paulo
    • Belo Horizonte
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Porto Alegre
  • Question of

    Where is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre located?

    • Jerusalem
    • Iraq
    • Syria
    • Yemen
  • Question of

    Where is the James Joyce Centre situated?

    • Dublin
    • London
    • Cork
    • Newcastle
  • Question of

    Which beverage is associated with the Caribbean?

    • Rum
    • Whisky
    • Gin
    • Vodka

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