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Travel Trivia: The Big Geography Quiz

Trivia about Travelling

In which country is haggis considered a traditional dish? If you know the answer then you should most certainly have a go at beating the Travel Trivia: The Big Geography Quiz. You may even have what it takes to go all 10 rounds!

In this quiz, we’ve compiled 10 questions to test your knowledge of world cultures and their heritage. So if you’re a bit of a veteran traveler or historian you’ll love this quiz.

In the Travel Trivia: The Big Geography Quiz you can expect questions on various themes. These include famous tourist destinations in Asia, to questions on the cultural heritage of some European countries.

Good luck and when you’ve completed the quiz don’t forget to share your results so friends and quiz challengers can see how well you’ve done!

  • Question of

    In which European country would you find the historic cultural city of Florence?

    • Italy
    • Poland
    • Norway
    • Portugal
  • Question of

    Langkawi, Pulau Penang and Melaka are popular tourist destinations in which Asian country?

    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Indonesia
    • Nepal
  • Question of

    Norway, Sweden and which other two countries does the northern cultural region of Lapland straddle?

    • Russia and Finland
    • Estonia and Finland
    • Denmark and Germany
    • Latvia and Russia
  • Question of

    The ‘Michelin Guide’ first appeared in which year?

    • 1900
    • 1890
    • 1915
    • 1935
  • Question of

    The 3 historic counties of Jamaica take their name from which country?

    • England
    • Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Wales
  • Question of

    The 8m tall Lenin Mosaic can be seen in which city?

    • Sochi
    • Novorossiysk
    • Moscow
    • Sochi
  • Question of

    The cultural and administrative region previously known as Little Britain is now known as what?

    • Brittany
    • Ireland
    • Gibraltar
    • Faroe Islands
  • Question of

    The culturally significant city of Chiang Mai is located in which Asian country?

    • Thailand
    • Nepal
    • Mongolia
    • Japan
  • Question of

    The large cultural city of Iasi is situated in which East European country?

    • Romania
    • Poland
    • Austria
    • Belarus
  • Question of

    The popular small tourist island of Grado is part of which country?

    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Ukraine
    • Morocco

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