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1960s Ultimate World History Quiz

Trivia about the decade of the 1960s

We all remember the ‘60s as an era defined by cultural and sexual liberation with the invention of The Pill, as well as being a huge decade for pop music and fashion unlike any other – think flares, miniskirts and drainpipe jeans! But how well do you and your friends really know 1960s world history? In our 1960s Ultimate World History Quiz we’ve put together our top 10 trivia quiz questions to really test your knowledge of this decade and how well you know its key milestones.

In this 1960 Ultimate World History Quiz you’ll be asked questions on topics ranging from popular movies of the decade though to key political moments in history that shaped this decade, and beyond.

When you’ve finished, why not share the 1960 Ultimate World History Quiz with your friends and compare scores!

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    What did New Zealand change its currency to from the pound in 1967?

    • Dollar
    • Shilling
    • Euro
    • Peso
  • Question of

    Congo was ruled by which European country until 1960?

    • Belgium
    • France
    • Spain
    • USA
  • Question of

    Which country became the fourth nuclear power in 1960?

    • France
    • UK
    • Spain
    • Italy
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    Which country became the first to legalise the birth control pill in 1960?

    • United States
    • Australia
    • West Germany
    • France
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    Which English side became the first to win the European Cup in 1968?

    • Manchester Utd
    • Liverpool
    • Arsenal
    • Chelsea
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    Senegal declared independence from which country in 1960?

    • France
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Greece
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    Which rank in the Army was Elvis promoted to in 1960?

    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Lieutenant
    • Major

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