Sci-Fi Film Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge

The Sci-Fi Film Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge is what it says on the tin, and is one the hardest Sci-Fi movie quiz in the world. Do you think you have what it takes to get all 10 questions correct? We’ve questions about some of the best films ever made and you will find yourself scouring Netflix after you’ve finished the quiz trying to find them.

There’s only one way to find out just how well you can do! So, why wait? Take the Sci-Fi Film Quiz: The Ultimate Challenge now and make sure you show off after by sharing the results. Subsequently, some of your friends may even want to play along themselves to try and beat your score!

  • Question of

    Who does Ripley discover sent her original crew to the derelict spaceship in “Aliens”?

    • Burke
    • Ash
    • Hudson
    • Bishop
  • Question of

    Who enters the radioactive core to save the ship and sacrifice his own life in “Star Trek Into Darkness”?

    • Kirk
    • Spock
    • Scotty
    • Khan
  • Question of

    Who gets his genes crossed with a fly in the 1986 movie “The Fly”?

    • Jeff Goldblum
    • Bill Paxton
    • Tom Hanks
    • Ed Asner
  • Question of

    Who in “Aliens” in an android?

    • Bishop
    • Hudson
    • Burke
    • Ripley
  • Question of

    Who is ordered to kill their future self in the movie “Looper”?

    • Joe
    • Blue
    • Seth
    • Abe
  • Question of

    Who is The Terminator looking for in “The Terminator”?

    • Sarah Connor
    • John Conner
    • Kyla Connor
    • Tara Connor
  • Question of

    Who kills Leon the replicant in “Blade Runner”?

    • Rachel
    • Zhora
    • Pris
    • Roy
  • Question of

    Who learns that the world has been taken over by apes in “Planet of the Apes”?

    • Charlton Heston
    • William Holden
    • Harrison Ford
    • Ronald Reagan
  • Question of

    Who orders the destruction of planet Vulcan in “Star Trek”?

    • Nero
    • Q
    • General Chang
    • Soran
  • Question of

    Who played a malfunctioning theme park robot in “Westworld”?

    • Yul Brynner
    • Charlton Heston
    • Tom Hanks
    • Rod Taylor

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