Book to Movie Trivia: The Acclaimed Adaptations Quiz

Trivia about Acclaimed Adaptations

Book to Movie Trivia: The Acclaimed Adaptations Quiz features 10 questions that, as the title suggests, are about acclaimed movies that have been adapted from books. This quiz is not about the argument of what piece of work is better, the film or the book. Ultimately, to get our top score that’s irrelevant.

From HG Wells to Steven Spielberg, we’ve covered all bases in the quiz. This is your prefect opportunity to show you know your stuff and get all 10 questions correct.

So, why wait? Take the Book to Movie Trivia: The Acclaimed Adaptations Quiz now to prove you can be one of our ultimate champions. Furthermore, make sure you share your results so you can show off your knowledge to all your friends and family.

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    Which of the following started life as a novel by John Updike?

    • Witches of Eastwick
    • Witches of East Greenwich
    • Witches of Eastward
    • Witches of East
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    Which F Scott Fitzgerald book has been made into several movies?

    • The Great Gatsby
    • Sherlock Holmes
    • Apocalypse Now
    • Great Expectations
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    Which of the following superheroes began life in a comic book?

    • Batman
    • Batboy
    • Batfink
    • Batdad
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    Which of the following was an Edna Ferber novel made one James Dean’s 3 movies?

    • Giant
    • Ogre
    • Beast
    • Drive
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    Which of the following was written by HG Wells?

    • War of the Worlds
    • Spaceballs
    • War of the Planets
    • The Great War
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    Which play became a major player in the history of Australian cinema?

    • Breaker Morant
    • Breaker Morton
    • Breaker Mordant
    • Breaker Marlant
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    Which Ralph Ellison novel has been made into a movie several times?

    • The Invisible Man
    • The Elephant Man
    • Big
    • Empire of the Snow
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    Which semi-autobiographical tale was given the Spielberg treatment?

    • Empire of the Sun
    • Gone With The Wind
    • Stay Another Day
    • Band of Brothers
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    Which sole novel by Margaret Mitchell became a true classic movie?

    • Gone With the Wind
    • Big Trouble In Little China
    • Star Wars
    • Unforgiven
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    Which Steinbeck novel became one of the 3 movies starring James Dean?

    • East of Eden
    • East is East
    • East of Paradise
    • East of Utopia

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