Film Adaptations Quiz: The Big Challenge

Trivia about Movies from Books

Everyone has a favourite book, and everyone has a favourite movie. The real debate begins when books are turned in to movies, and fans have to decide which they prefer. The Film Adaptations Quiz: The Big Challenge features 10 questions about films that are all based on books written prior.

You may not even be aware that some of these films are based on books in the first place. It’s time to put all your knowledge to the test by taking the quiz.

From Dan Brown to JK Rowling, the Film Adaptations Quiz: The Big Challenge really does feature it all and will truly test you. Take the quiz now and find out how many questions you can answer correctly.

  • Question of

    The movie of Kazuo Ishiguro’s book “The Remains of the Day” received how many Oscar nominations?

    • 8
    • 5
    • 10
    • 3
  • Question of

    The Oscar winning movie from the Arthur Golden novel was called what?

    • Memoirs of a Geisha
    • Les Misérables
    • Russian House
    • The Color Purple
  • Question of

    The pen of Raymond Chandler brought us some classic film noir movies about who?

    • Philip Marlowe
    • Philip Markov
    • Philip Marking
    • Philip Marling
  • Question of

    The sexiest vampires ever to hit the big screen came from which novels by Stephenie Meyer?

    • Twilight
    • Daylight
    • Sunrise
    • Dark Moon
  • Question of

    The Stephen King book about the possessed car became which movie?

    • Christine
    • Carrie
    • Chris
    • Cartoon
  • Question of

    The Steven Spielberg movie War Horse came from the book written by who?

    • Michael Morpurgo
    • Michael Mango
    • Michael Mongo
    • Michael Morpheus
  • Question of

    The world’s longest running musical became a film in 2012, name it?

    • Les Misérables
    • Mousetrap
    • Miss Saigon
    • Rent
  • Question of

    Tom Hanks won an Oscar in the movie adaptation of what?

    • Forrest Gump
    • The Beach
    • The Hunt For The Red October
    • The Gruffalo
  • Question of

    What does the iceman do in the play and the movie?

    • Cometh
    • Coming
    • Comeback
    • Comeforth
  • Question of

    Which Alice Walker book was adapted for the big screen?

    • The Color Purple
    • The Color Pink
    • The Color Blue
    • The Color Green

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