Film Adaptations Trivia: The Epic Challenge

Trivia about books adapted to movies

Arguably, some of the best films to ever be released originally came from book written years prior. Whether you think these books have been enhanced or ruined by their movie adaptations, Film Adaptations Trivia: The Epic Challenge is perfect for literature and film fans alike.

We have 10 questions in the quiz that will have you racking your brains for the answers. You may have seen the film, read the book, both or neither. Still, the quiz will give you an opportunity to show people all your knowledge.

So, why wait? Take Film Adaptations Trivia: The Epic Challenge now to find out how many of the 10 questions you can get right. You may even get all 10 and become one of our champions.

  • Question of

    Solomon Northup’s narrative memoir became which Oscar winning movie?

    • 12 Years a Slave
    • 10 Years a Slave
    • 7 Years a Slave
    • 2 Years a Slave
  • Question of

    Sophie Kinsella told of an addiction in which chick lit novel turned hit movie?

    • Confessions of a Shopaholic
    • Confessions of Me
    • My Confessions
    • The Confessional
  • Question of

    Suzanne Collins wrote the books that became which movie hits?

    • The Hunger Games
    • The Starving Games
    • The Hunger Times
    • The Hunger Days
  • Question of

    The author of the book The Lovely Bones is?

    • Alice Sebold
    • Alice Sibling
    • Alice Knowles
    • Alice Suborn
  • Question of

    The book and hit film title is “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s….?

    • Nest
    • Tree
    • Wing
    • Cave
  • Question of

    The book behind the movie classic To Kill a Mockingbird was written by who?

    • Harper Lee
    • Harper Len
    • Harper Beckham
    • Harper Leek
  • Question of

    The C. S. Lewis books made into several movies were “The Chronicles of ….”?

    • Narnia
    • Nonie
    • Hernia
    • Nurnia
  • Question of

    The Cider House Rules is an Oscar winning movie from which author?

    • John Irving
    • John Betjamin
    • John Walk
    • John Davies
  • Question of

    The classic movie Stand by Me comes from who’s short story entitled “The Body”?

    • Stephen King
    • Stephen Kang
    • Stephen Kong
    • Stephen Kung
  • Question of

    The classic tale of children on a desert island is?

    • Lord of the Flies
    • Lord of the Wasps
    • Lord of the Bugs
    • Lord of the Bees

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