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Sounds From The Cinema Quiz

Trivia about sounds from the cinema 

If you’re an avid film buff, or film historian, you should fair well in this Sounds From The Cinema Quiz. Across the round we’ll test you on infamous soundtracks and songs which have featured in some of the greatest movies ever made!

In the Sounds From The Cinema Quiz, you’ll need to survive through 10 questions if you want to land a perfect 10/10 score in the quiz. To give you a hint at some of the topics you’ll face, you’ll need to answer questions on infamous Disney and Pixar films as well as rediscover tracks from The Departed and the legendary Rocky movies.

If you think you have what it takes to match-up to the Sounds From The Cinema Quiz, then start the game now and remember to share with friends if you want to add some competition into the mix and go head-to-head!

  • Question of

    Name the original song Beyonce recorded for the film soundtrack to ‘Dreamgirls’?

    • Listen
    • Watch
    • Speak
  • Question of

    Name the Rolling Stones track featured in The Departed?

    • Gimme Shelter
    • Paint it Black
    • Brown Sugar
  • Question of

    Name the Wheatus track on the soundtrack of ‘Loser’?

    • Teenage Dirtbag
    • A Little Respect
    • Wannabe Gangster
    • BMX Bandits
  • Question of

    On the soundtrack of which 60s movie was the classic Simon and Garfunkel track ‘Mrs Robinson’ used?

    • The Graduate
    • Bullitt
    • The Sound of Music
  • Question of

    Our Town’ featured in which animated film?

    • Cars
    • Wall-E
    • Tangled
  • Question of

    Peter Gabriel sang ‘Down to Earth’ in which 2008 film?

    • Wall-E
    • Cloverfield
    • Changeling
  • Question of

    Rocky 3 featured which classic track by ‘Survivor’?

    • Eye of the Tiger
    • No
    • Burning Heart
    • The Search is Over
  • Question of

    Rocky Horror Picture Show gave us which dance floor favourite?

    • Time Warp
    • No
    • Cha Cha Slide
    • Macarena

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