Sci-Fi Films Quiz: The Big Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good Sci-Fi film? From children to your grandparents, everyone is a fan of the genre. And we’re putting all your knowledge to the test in the Sci-Fi Films Quiz: The Big Challenge.

With questions about everything from RoboCop to Blade Runner, the quiz really covers all bases. It’s time to remember all those old classic science fiction films you may not have seen for years and see if you can get top mark in the Sci-Fi Films Quiz: The Big Challenge. You can even play against family and friends by sharing your score and the quiz once you’ve completed. You never know, you may just come out on top.

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    What Chuck Berry song does Marty McFly play at his parents’ high school dance in “Back to the Future”?

    • Johnny B. Goode
    • My Ding-A-Ling
    • Roll Over Beethoven
    • Nadine
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    What city did the director actually use as the backdrop for the original “RoboCop”?

    • Dallas
    • Detroit
    • Philadelphia
    • New York City
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    What corporation created the replicants in “Blade Runner”?

    • Tyrell
    • Tyco
    • Tonal
    • Tyson
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    What crime riddled city serves as the setting for the 1987 movie “RoboCop”?

    • Detroit
    • New York City
    • New Orleans
    • San Francisco
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    What does Dr. Eldon give to the replicant Rachel that makes her believe she’s human in “Blade Runner”?

    • Memories
    • Feelings
    • A Social Security Number
    • Opinions
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    What evil role did Dennis Hopper play in “Waterworld”?

    • The Deacon
    • The Minister
    • The Priest
    • The Holy
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    What fictional disease is Johnny carrying in his head in the movie “Johnny Mnemonic”?

    • NAS
    • AMS
    • DDS
    • CTS
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    What illegal substance is Tom Cruise addicted to in “Minority Report”?

    • Clarity
    • Haven
    • Spatial
    • Revivarin
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    What is another title for “Mad Max 2” in the “Mad Max” trilogy?

    • The Road Warrior
    • The Road Survivor
    • The Road Traveller
    • The Road General
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    What is Ripley’s first name in “Alien”?

    • Ellen
    • Jane
    • Sigourney
    • Cheryl

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