Science Fiction Movies Trivia: The Big Quiz

Science Fiction Movies Trivia: The Big Quiz will put any die-hard Sci-Fi film fan to the test. This may just be the toughest science fiction film quiz that has ever been created. It will differentiate the weak from the strong, the winners from the losers.

In the quiz we’ve got questions about some of the most iconic Sci-Fi films ever created, including Avatar and Back to the Future. Only the true fans of the genre will be able to get our top score.

So, ready to take the plunge? Play the Science Fiction Movies Trivia: The Big Quiz now and find out if you have what it takes to make it to victory. Once you have your results make sure you share them with you friends to show off how good you are.

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    What job does Doc Brown take when he travels back to the old west in “Back to the Future Part III”?

    • Blacksmith
    • Chemist
    • Bartender
    • Doctor
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    What landmark is Richard Dreyfuss implored to travel to after seeing a UFO in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?

    • Devil’s Tower
    • Mount Rushmore
    • The Washington Monument
    • The Grand Canyon
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    What moon does Sam Worthington transform himself and travel to in “Avatar”?

    • Pandora
    • Madea
    • Romulus
    • Oi
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    What movie is about a crew of doctors who are shrunk down in a human being’s body?

    • Fantastic Voyage
    • Forbidden Planet
    • Contact
    • Altered States
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    What mysterious name is Kevin Costner’s character in “Waterworld”?

    • The Mariner
    • The Traveller
    • The Destined
    • The Sailor
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    What planet are Kirk and Bones exploring at the start of “Star Trek Into Darkness”?

    • Nibiru
    • Janus VI
    • Risa
    • Sarpeidon
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    What planet is Kirk stranded on after his failed mutiny in the 2009 remake of “Star Trek”?

    • Delta Vega
    • Chronos
    • Babel
    • Taresia
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    What replicant dies in front of Deckard before he can kill him in “Blade Runner”?

    • Roy
    • Zhora
    • Pris
    • Leon
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    What role did Michael J. Fox play in the “Back to the Future” movies?

    • Marty McFly
    • Doc Brown
    • Einstein The Dog
    • Biff Tannen
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    What Saturn Award winning role did Bill Paxton play in “Aliens”?

    • Hudson
    • Bishop
    • Ash
    • Burke

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