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Music Across The Decades Quiz

Trivia about Music Across The Decades 

Too Late for Goodbyes was a hit in 1984 for John Lennon’s son. What was his name? If you can get the answer to this question then you should have a go at this Music Across The Decades Quiz, which will test you on a broad array of musical subjects from across the decades.

Starting in the 1960s and ending in the 1990s, you’ll have to be a serious music lover to score a perfect 8/8 in the Music Across The Decades Quiz. In this10 question quiz round you’ll face topics on Cat Stevens’ career as well as soundtracks from well known movies across this period.

If you know your stuff and consider yourself a bit of a music buff, then give the Music Across The Decades Quiz a go now and remember to share your results when you’ve completed the quiz round!

  • Question of

    ‘Who performed ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ which became MTV’s first ever music video in 1981?

    • The Buggles
    • Madonna
    • Michael Jackson
    • Cyndi Lauper
  • Question of

    ‘Who sang songs ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘I Have Nothing’, etc for the 1992 movie ‘The Bodyguard’?

    • Whitney Houston
    • Mariah Carey
    • Dolly Parton
    • Shakira
  • Question of

    1986 saw the reunion of what famous sixties group?

    • The Monkees
    • The Beatles
    • The Who
    • KISS
  • Question of

    1990 single released by Ram Jam …?

    • Black Betty
    • Black Pudding
    • Black Velvet
    • Black Sheep
  • Question of

    Cat Stevens released his first album in 1967 – what was it called?

    • Cats And Dogs
    • Rats And Bats
    • Birds And Bees
    • Sheep And Cows
  • Question of

    In 1988 the band Queensryche released a narrative concept album by what title?

    • Operation: Mindcrime
    • Rage for Order
    • The Warning
    • Empire
  • Question of

    Snap! had a worldwide hit with The Power in 1990. What country are Snap! from?

    • Germany
    • Holland
    • France
    • Norway
  • Question of

    The 1982 movie Rocky III featured what hit song by the band Survivor?

    • Eye of the Tiger
    • Burning Heart
    • Gonna Fly
    • High On You

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