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Decades Music Quiz: Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about music tracks from across the years 

Play the Decades Music Quiz today.Do you think you could name the biggest selling female solo artist of all time? There are a few contenders for this spot, as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Adele, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are all huge megastars in their own right who have sold millions of albums across the years. However, there is only one winner for this title and Madonna beats them all with a massive 300 million in total claimed sales!

If you knew the answer to this question the you should try your hand at the Music Tracks From Across The Years Quiz! You’ll be facing up to 6 rounds of questions in the Play the Decades Music Quiz, each with 3 multiple choice options to choose from, all covering some of music’s most celebrated artists and albums.

Good luck competing in the Music Tracks From Across The Years Quiz and remember to share your results when you’re finished!

  • Question of

    What was the first single released on American Idol winner Kris Allen’s debut album?

    • Live Like We’re Dying
    • Apologize
    • Live Everyday
  • Question of

    What was the name of Michael Buble’s hit album from 2009?

    • Crazy Love
    • Fever
    • Moondance
  • Question of

    What was the name of the album that former Spice Girl Melanie B. released in 2005?

    • LA State of Mind
    • Empire State of Mind
    • LA Electric
  • Question of

    What was the Who’s first album?

    • My Generation
    • Live at Leeds
    • Out Of Our Heads
  • Question of

    Where did Janet Jackson get the name for her 2004 album ‘Damita Jo’?

    • Middle Name
    • Real Name
    • First Teacher
  • Question of

    Which 2009 album recorded by Rihanna features her hit single ‘Rude Boy’?

    • Rated R
    • Rated X
    • Rated Y

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