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Guess the Film Quiz: Movie Madness

Trivia about naming films

Everybody loves a good movie quiz. And we’re keeping it simple with the Guess the Film Quiz: Movie Madness. All you need to do is name the 10 films from the clues in the quiz. Simple right? Well be warned, some of the answers aren’t simple at all but even if you don’t get our top score, you’ll definitely get some inspiration on what to watch on your next movie night.

So why wait? Take the Guess the Film Quiz: Movie Madness now to see just how much of a film buff you really are. You could even compare scores with family and friends by sharing the quiz once you’ve completed it, you may just come out on top and get the highest score!

  • Question of

    James Bond tries to stop a ruthless villain from stealing Fort Knox’s gold supply.

    • Goldfinger
    • Dr. No
    • The Spy Who Loved Me
    • Octopussy
  • Question of

    Jimmy Stewart plays a photographer who suspects one of his neighbours may have committed murder.

    • Rear Window
    • Vertigo
    • Family Plot
    • Rebecca
  • Question of

    Joe Pesci plays a smart aleck attorney tasked with saving the lives of two young men accused of a murder they didn’t commit.

    • My Cousin Vinny
    • Trial And Error
    • The Whole Nine Yards
    • The Verdict
  • Question of

    John Belushi plays a drunken frat brat who conspires to take down the college’s evil dean who expelled him.

    • Animal House
    • PCU
    • Neighbours
    • Road Trip
  • Question of

    John Cleese plays a tough boss charged with running a British zoo.

    • Fierce Creatures
    • Dave
    • Splitting Heirs
    • House Arrest
  • Question of

    John Cusack and Charlie Sheen play ballplayers caught up in a scheme to throw the 1919 World Series.

    • Eight Men Out
    • Little Big League
    • The Sting
    • Any Given Sunday
  • Question of

    Johnny Depp plays a legendary director known for making some of history’s worst movies.

    • Ed Wood
    • Bowfinger
    • The Player
    • SOB
  • Question of

    Keanu Reeves stars in this adaptation of a story written by renowned sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick.

    • A Scanner Darkly
    • The Matrix
    • Johnny Mnemonic
    • Speed
  • Question of

    Kevin Smith shot this movie in black and white about a convenience store employee who can’t improve his station in life.

    • Clerks
    • Dogma
    • Jersey Girl
    • Cop Out
  • Question of

    Liam Neeson plays a vigilante who can assume the identity of anyone with a synthetic skin.

    • Darkman
    • V For Vendetta
    • The Sting
    • The Green Hornet

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