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Classic Film Quiz: Name the Movie

Trivia about naming Movies

The Classic Film Quiz: Name the Movie is a quick and fun quiz that will have you racking your brain for the movie titles. The concept is easy, however. We’ll give you a clue and you need to name the movie. Furthermore, with only 10 questions, the quiz is a quick way for you to prove you film knowledge to all your friends.

From CIA Agents to the Marines, the movies in the quiz have it all. All you need to do is get all 10 correct to be one of our champions.

So, why wait? Take the Classic Film Quiz: Name the Movie now to see how well you can do, and you can even share with your friends and family to see if they can beat your score.

  • Question of

    A writer charged with caretaking an isolated hotel goes insane and tries to murder his family.

    • The Shining
    • 1308
    • Misery
    • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Question of

    A writer tries to fool his publishers into believing that he’s written the autobiography of the reclusive Howard Hughes.

    • The Hoax
    • F For Fake
    • Power
    • An Unfinished Life
  • Question of

    Al Pacino plays a blind man who goes to New York to live the best weekend of his life.

    • Scent Of A Woman
    • Pay It Forward
    • The Color Of Money
    • Serpico
  • Question of

    Al Pacino plays a Cuban refugee who builds a powerful drug syndicate in Miami.

    • Scarface
    • The Godfather
    • New Jack City
    • Goodfellas
  • Question of

    Albert Brooks plays a manic director trying to film a movie about a real family that only ends up disrupting their life.

    • Real Life
    • Life Or Something Like It
    • Ed TV
    • Reality Bites
  • Question of

    Albert Brooks tries to show happens what the afterlife is like.

    • Defending Your Life
    • Real Life
    • Modern Romance
    • The Muse
  • Question of

    Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie about a vacationing businessman who witnesses the murder of a secret agent.

    • The Man Who Knew Too Much
    • North By Northwest
    • Family Plot
    • Rear Window
  • Question of

    An advertising writer teams up with cops, CIA agents and a homeless guy to take back a nuclear bomb from two bumbling thieves.

    • Big Trouble
    • The Crew
    • Wild Hogs
    • Joe Somebody
  • Question of

    An aspiring writer joins the Marines and sees the horror of war first hand in this Stanley Kubrick movie.

    • Full Metal Jacket
    • Jarhead
    • The Thin Blue Line
    • Saving Private Ryan
  • Question of

    An IRS agent realizes life of worth living after hearing a narrator in his head narrate his own life.

    • Stranger Than Fiction
    • Author! Author!
    • Orange County
    • Ruby Sparks

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