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Greatest Film Soundtracks Trivia

Trivia about the Greatest Film Soundtracks

Can you recall some of the greatest movie soundtracks ever made? There might be some iconic songs that stand out for you – The Wizard Of Oz is a classic, as well as Star Wars, and of course The Adventures Of Robinhood by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

If you’re a film fanatic then you should fair well in the Greatest Film Soundtracks Trivia. Across 10 rounds you’ll face questions on songs and soundtracks from across the years, including iconic tracks in films like Polar Express, Pulp Fiction, and others.

To land a perfect 10/ 10 score in the Greatest Film Soundtracks Trivia, you’ll need to dust off your record shelves and DVDs to remember some of the most legendary soundtracks of cinema.

Once you’ve completed the Greatest Film Soundtracks Trivia, remember to share your results when done!

  • Question of

    For which 70s film did this trio write the bulk of the soundtrack?

    • Saturday Night Fever
    • Jaws
    • The Sting
  • Question of

    I Just Called to Say I Love You’ from 1984 was taken from the soundtrack of which film?

    • The Woman in Red
    • Ghost
    • Chariots of Fire
  • Question of

    In which year was the Stayin’ Alive film soundtrack released as an album?

    • 1983
    • 1985
    • 1989
  • Question of

    Josh Groben sang which song in ‘Polar Express’?

    • Believe
    • Lose Yourself
    • Teenage Dirtbag
  • Question of

    Lady Marmalade was recorded for the soundtrack of which film?

    • Moulin Rouge!
    • American Pie
    • A Beautiful Mind
  • Question of

    Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ provided the soundtrack to which horror movie?

    • The Exorcist
    • The Omen
    • Carrie
  • Question of

    Name the blockbuster film featuring ‘My Heart Will Go On’?

    • Titanic
    • Avatar
    • Armageddon
  • Question of

    Name the film featuring classic tune ‘Mad World’?

    • Donnie Darko
    • Frequency
    • Source Code

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