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Elvis Trivia Challenge: The King of Rock n Roll

Trivia about Rock N’ Roll Music Hits 

The Elvis Trivia Challenge is a must for all diehard Elvis fans. Featuring the best Elvis songs and career highs, this quiz is the perfect opportunity to show your knowledge of the King of Rock N’ Roll.

The quiz contains 10 questions that will test your knowledge of Elvis songs, movies and life. Topics include his marriage to Priscilla and his successes as a Hollywood actor.

Do you remember the movies Blue Hawaii and Kissing Cousin?

When you’re done with the Rock N’ Roll Music Hits Quiz, remember to share your results!

Play the Elvis Trivia Challenge today!

  • Question of

    A Junkie XL remix of what Elvis song appeared in a Nike commercial and became a massive hit?

    • A Little Less Conversation
    • Love Me Tender
    • Hound Dog
    • Jailhouse Rock
  • Question of

    A stretch of what highway did Memphis name Elvis Presley Boulevard in 1971?

    • Highway 51 South
    • Highway 51 North
    • Highway 51 West
    • Highway 51 East
  • Question of

    According to Elvis’ personal stylist, what was Elvis’ natural hair colour?

    • Sandy Blond
    • Ginger
    • Black
    • Brown
  • Question of

    At what Las Vegas hotel did Elvis and Priscilla Presley get married?

    • Aladdin Hotel
    • Bally’s Hotel
    • The Venetian
    • The Golden Nugget
  • Question of

    Elvis and Priscilla filed for divorce in what year?

    • 1971
    • 1975
    • 1969
    • 1974
  • Question of

    Elvis and Priscilla first met in what country?

    • Germany
    • USA
    • Canada
    • France
  • Question of

    Elvis first appeared in what movie?

    • Love Me Tender
    • Loving You
    • Jailhouse Rock
    • King Creole
  • Question of

    Elvis had 24 consecutive hits that hit the top five starting with ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and ending in 1962 with what?

    • Return To Sender
    • Suspicious Minds
    • My Babe
    • Kentucky Rain

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