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World’s Hardest World History Quiz (1970s edition)

Trivia about the world history

The Worlds’ Hardest World History Quiz (1970s edition) isn’t for the faint hearted. This quiz is really going to put you through your paces, differentiate the weak from the strong, the winners from the losers. Do you think you have what it takes to complete the World’s Hardest World History Quiz (1970s edition)?

Remember the energy crisis in the Middle East? Or Margaret Thatcher becoming the UK’s first female Prime Minister? With only 10 questions don’t be fooled by the short length of this quiz. Not everyone will make it but now is your chance to really show your knowledge of world history in the 1970s. Why wait? Complete the World’s Hardest World History Quiz (1970s edition) now and be sure to boast of your results to all your friends!

  • Question of

    The Russian space probe Luna 16 explored which celestial body?

    • Moon
    • Sun
    • Venus
    • Mercury
  • Question of

    What was the average speed of Concorde over the Atlantic?

    • 954 miles per hour
    • 754 miles per hour
    • 444 miles per hour
    • 1244 miles per hour
  • Question of

    Pope John Paul only ruled for how many days in 1978 before dying?

    • 33
    • 22
    • 44
    • 55
  • Question of

    What was the nationality of Pope John Paul, who died in 1978?

    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Argentinian
  • Question of

    A peace deal was signed in Cairo in 1970 to ceasefire in which country?

    • Jordan
    • Syria
    • India
    • Libya
  • Question of

    How long did it take to cross the Atlantic on Concorde in the 1970s?

    • 3 hours 30 minutes
    • 4 hours
    • 5 hours 30 minutes
    • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Question of

    In 1976, one of Concorde’s first routes was Paris to which city?

    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Mexico City
    • Buenos Aires
    • Orlando
  • Question of

    How many Russian officials were exposed from the UK in 1971, accused of spying?

    • 105
    • 205
    • 305
    • 505
  • Question of

    Who did Ali beat in 1975’s “Thrilla in Manila”?

    • Joe Frazier
    • Mike Tyson
    • Joe Louis
    • George Foreman
  • Question of

    Abdel Nasser, former President of Egypt, was buried in which city in 1970?

    • Cairo
    • London
    • Paris
    • Sydney


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