1970s World History Quiz: The Big Trivia Challenge

Trivia about 1970s World History
Think you remember the 1970s? Take this 70s history quiz today and test your knowledge.

Historians have described the 1970s as a ‘pivot of change’ in world history. After all, this was the decade that saw the UK’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, elected and the same decade that the Watergate scandal threw chaos into the US political system.

If you remember the 70s well or have simply learned about this significant decade more recently, the 1970s World History Quiz will be sure to put you to the test and give you the opportunity to prove just how much of a history buff you are.

In the 1970s World History Quiz we will ask you 10 questions from key events from the decade from all over the world including the UK, the US and Europe. Prove your knowledge by taking the 1970s World History Quiz now and be sure to share with your friends to see just who out of them truly knows the 70s.

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    Protesting Belgian farmers brought what farm animals to an EEC meeting in Brussels in 1971?

    • Cows
    • Pigs
    • Sheep
    • Goats
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    Evel Knievel set a record jumping over cars in which type of vehicle in 1971?

    • Motorbike
    • Car
    • Boat
    • Aeroplane
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    The UK was involved in a “Cod War” with which nation in the 1970s?

    • Iceland
    • Sweden
    • Spain
    • Italy
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    The CN Tower was built in which Canadian city in 1976?

    • Toronto
    • Ottawa
    • Vancouver
    • Montreal
  • Question of

    The 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident happened in which US state?

    • Pennsylvania
    • New York
    • Connecticut
    • Rhode Island
  • Question of

    Commandos from which country released hostages on a hijacked plane in July 1976?

    • Israel
    • Greece
    • United States
    • Canada
  • Question of

    Which band was formed in Dublin by Larry Mullen in 1976?

    • U2
    • Wham!
    • Boyzone
    • Fleetwood Mac
  • Question of

    Which rock star married Bianca Perez Morena de Macias in London in 1971?

    • Mick Jagger
    • John Lennon
    • Roger Daltry
    • Ozzy Osborne
  • Question of

    Who was elected 39th President of the USA in 1976?

    • Carter
    • Clinton
    • Bush
    • Nixon
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    An embargo on the production of which resource caused a crisis in 1973?

    • Oil
    • Sugar
    • Coffee
    • Wheat


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