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We all like to think of ourselves as historians at times. Spouting facts we’ve learned on Google and acting as if we’ve known them for years. What about the 70s? Do you remember the decade? Or remember Googling the decade? Well the Know Your 70s History Quiz is going to put all that knowledge to the test.

You probably know that the Vietnam war ended in this decade, but did you know this was the same decade that Sony invented the Walkman? There’s only one way to prove you know your 70s history and that’s by completing the Know Your 70s History Quiz.

Once you have your results be sure to share the quiz with family and friend to see who comes out on top!

  • Question of

    In which year of the 1970s did the UK experience a record heatwave?

    • 1976
    • 1973
    • 1970
    • 1979
  • Question of

    What relation to Prince Philip was Louis Mountbatten, murdered in 1979?

    • Uncle
    • Brother
    • Cousin
    • Father
  • Question of

    How many Israeli athletes were killed during the terror attack at the Munich Olympics?

    • 9
    • 12
    • 15
    • 21
  • Question of

    The British Ambassador to which south American country was held captive for 8 months in 1970?

    • Uruguay
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Brazil
  • Question of

    Concorde made its first transatlantic flight in which year?

    • 1973
    • 1970
    • 1976
    • 1979
  • Question of

    How old was Chairman Mao when he died in 1976?

    • 82
    • 72
    • 62
    • 52
  • Question of

    Chairman Mao, who died in 1976, was the leader of which country?

    • China
    • Indonesia
    • Brazil
    • Spain
  • Question of

    What was the first name of Biko, who died in South African police custody in 1977?

    • Steve
    • Pete
    • Bill
    • Tom
  • Question of

    Jimi Hendrix died in which city in 1970?

    • London
    • Seattle
    • Paris
    • New York
  • Question of

    Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier in the “Thriller in” which city?

    • Manila
    • Pittsburgh
    • Las Vegas
    • Rio


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