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Foods Of The World Trivia Quiz

Trivia about Foods Of The World 

Do you know your roquefort cheese from your danish blue? If so then this Foods Of The World Trivia Quiz was formulated with you in mind.

In our Foods Of The World Trivia Quiz round we’ve put together 10 quick-fire questions to see if your culinary knowledge matches up to our food quiz masters and challengers. For any foodie lover out there that thinks they know their stuff when it comes to foods from around the world then take this test now and share with friends to compete.

…There might be a few surprise questions thrown in with unexpected answers so get ready for a challenge when you approach this Foods Of The World Trivia Quiz! When you’re done remember to share you’re results to let other challengers know the score they need to beat!

  • Question of

    Caboc, Dunlop and Black Crowdie are what type of Scottish foodstuff?

    • Cheese
    • Bread
    • Cake
    • Whisky
  • Question of

    Cavolo nero is a type of cabbage from which country?

    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Peru
  • Question of

    Chapattis are a traditional bread from which country?

    • India
    • Italy
    • Thailand
    • Japan
  • Question of

    Cheddar cheese originates in which English county?

    • Somerset
    • Cheshire
    • Northumberland
    • Essex
  • Question of

    Cider is made from which fruit?

    • Apples
    • Pear
    • Banana
    • Grape
  • Question of

    Couscous is a staple food in which area of the world?

    • North Africa
    • Asia
    • India
    • Russia
  • Question of

    Falafel is a chickpea based street food from which part of the world?

    • Middle East
    • China
    • South America
    • Italy
  • Question of

    Feta is a type of which food?

    • Cheese
    • Meat
    • Vegetable
    • Chocolate
  • Question of

    Florentines are traditional biscuits from which country?

    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • Greece
    • Ireland
  • Question of

    Fondant, glace and royal are types of what?

    • Icing
    • Meringue
    • Chocolate
    • Sauce

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