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1970s Music Quiz Game: Song Lyrics

Trivia about Sounds Of The ‘70s

Play the 1970s Music Quiz Game: Song Lyrics today!

The 1970s music scene contained a lively mix of artists from across an array of genres. Amongst those music legends topping the charts, we have Elvis, Mungo Jerry, Freda Payne as well as Simon and Garfunkel. These artists, many of which have now rightfully learnt their place in music’s Hall Of Fame, rose to prominence during this era. Elvis in particular had at least 12 tracks reach Top 20 in the charts between 1970-1977 alone!

In the Sounds Of The ‘70s: Song Lyric Trivia, you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge of these legendary artists and their songs to be in with a chance of reaching top scores in this 10-question round. Across the round you’ll encounter multiple choice questions which you’ll need to unpick and find the right answer in order to do well in the Sounds Of The ‘70s: Song Lyric Trivia.

Good luck completing in the 1970s Music Quiz Game: Song Lyrics and remember to share your scores when you’re done!

  • Question of

    America sang that ‘I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no’ what?

    • Name
    • Saddle
    • Energy
  • Question of

    And if you love him oh be proud of him’ is from which song?

    • Stand By Your Man
    • Jolene
    • Dancing Queen
  • Question of

    And meanwhile at the station, There’s a couple of likely lads’ is from which song by Squeeze?

    • Cool for Cats
    • Up The Junction
    • Pulling Mussels
  • Question of

    And your brother’s gonna kill me and he’s six feet ten’ is from which Police song?

    • Can’t Stand Losing You
    • Message in a Bottle
    • Walking on the Moon
  • Question of

    Are teenage dreams so hard to beat?’ is the first line of a song by which group?

    • Undertones
    • Clash
    • Damned
  • Question of

    Babe, you’re getting closer’ is the first line of which 1977 Elvis hit?

    • Way Down
    • Jailhouse Rock
    • Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  • Question of

    Backstroke lover always hidin’ ‘neath the cover’ was the first line of a hit by which group?

    • Aerosmith
    • Black Sabbath
    • Led Zeppelin
  • Question of

    Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band’ is the first line of which Elton John song?

    • Tiny Dancer
    • Rocket Man
    • Your Song

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