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Seventies Songs Trivia

Trivia about Seventies Songs

Everyone loves a seventies tune. We had the golden hits of Abba along with some iconic Elton classics. I don’t know a person who doesn’t love at least one song from this decade.

Do you think you know your 70s music? Well naming songs would be no difficulty at all so for the Seventies Songs Trivia quiz we’ll be asking you to finish the lyrics of songs from the 70s. Getting harder right?

It doesn’t matter if you grew up listening to the songs, or have learned them from your parents, the Seventies Songs Trivia quiz will surely test your knowledge. Don’t wait, take the quiz now. You never know ‘Your Song’ might even be one of the questions!

If you loved the 1970s then the Seventies Songs trivia quiz is for you. Take a trip down memory lane and relive all the classic songs. Whether you loved the Beatles or The Stones there is something for everyone in this music trivia quiz.

The early Seventies had amazing music that was often evocative, sometimes entertaining and always ever present. The rise of TV played a large part as music was everywhere, not just on the radio but also on TV.

  • Question of

    What follows “We’re caught in a trap” in the Elvis song Suspicious Minds?

    • I can’t walk out
    • What you’re doing to me
    • I love you too much baby
    • Why don’t you know
  • Question of

    Who was a “goddess on a mountain top” in the 1970 song?

    • Venus
    • Athena
    • Samantha
    • Diana
  • Question of

    The first line of which song is “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”?

    • Leaving on a Jet Plane
    • You’re so Vain
    • Midnight Train to Georgia
    • Imagine
  • Question of

    What was c’est chic in the 1970s Chic song?

    • Le freak
    • Le weekend
    • Le dancing
    • Le football
  • Question of

    What follows “I’ve taken my bows” in We Are the Champions?

    • And my curtain calls
    • But I’ve come through
    • I’ve made a few
    • No pleasure cruise
  • Question of

    Gladys Knight was taking a train to Georgia at which time of the day?

    • Midnight
    • Midday
    • Morning
    • Evening
  • Question of

    What type of star did Lee Marvin sing he was born under in 1970?

    • Wandrin’
    • Shootin’
    • Amazin’
    • Golden
  • Question of

    Which Eurovision winner starts “Snowdrops and daffodils, butterflies and bees”?

    • All Kinds of Everything
    • Waterloo
    • Puppet on a String
    • Shout
  • Question of

    What girl’s name completes the title of Neil Diamon’s “Cracklin” song?

    • Rosie
    • Polly
    • Carol
    • Diana
  • Question of

    What kind of kicks were the Undertones getting in the 1970s?

    • Teenage
    • Secret
    • Loving
    • Dangerous


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