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TV From the 60s Quiz

Trivia about TV from the 60s

You may remember the 60s like it was yesterday. Or have heard your parents talk about it like it was yesterday. Whatever your reason for knowing about this decade, nobody can argue with the fact that this was a pivotal era for television giving us some TV gold.

The TV From the 60s Quiz will test your knowledge of TV shows from the decade. With just 10 questions, the TV From the 60s Quiz is the only way to prove you know your 60s shows. It may have been Dick Van Dyke that kept you entertained, or maybe Gilligan’s Island was your escape.

Take the TV From the 60s Quiz now to remind yourself of those long forgotten favourites, and prove you really do know your 60s TV Shows!

  • Question of

    The aim of Take Your Pick was to win a key and open what?

    • Box
    • Chest
    • Door
    • Safe
  • Question of

    The Cartwrights featured in which 60s Western show?

    • Bonanza
    • Gunsmoke
    • Maverick
    • Dallas
  • Question of

    The High Chaparral was which type of show?

    • Western
    • Comedy
    • Music
    • Science
  • Question of

    The Likely Lads was set near which English city?

    • Newcastle
    • Manchester
    • Bristol
    • London
  • Question of

    The Magic Roundabout was a show originally produced in which language?

    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Greek
  • Question of

    The Monty Python members met at which UK University?

    • Cambridge
    • Bristol
    • Durham
    • St Andrews
  • Question of

    The Mysterons were the enemies of which puppet hero?

    • Captain Scarlet
    • Lady Penelope
    • Virgil Tracy
    • Joe 90
  • Question of

    The Pot Black programme featured which sport?

    • Snooker
    • Skiing
    • Football
    • Hockey
  • Question of

    The Rag Trade was set in which industry?

    • Fashion
    • Antiques
    • Oil
    • Horse Racing
  • Question of

    The World Aquatic Security Patrol featured in which series?

    • Stingray
    • Thunderbirds
    • Captain Scarlet
    • Joe 90


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