The Great Sherlock Holmes Quiz

Trivia about Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes

Originally Sir Arthur Conan Doyle named Sherlock Holmes ‘Sherrinford’ but changed his mind. No one quite knows why, but it is rumoured it was because there were well-known Nottingham cricketers called Sherwin and Shacklock and the author was a big fan of the sport.

But any true Sherlock fan would’ve known that. Now you have the opportunity to prove how much of a fan you are with the Great Sherlock Holmes Quiz. This quiz has 10 questions that only the truest fans will be able to get correct.

So, don’t delay! Take the Great Sherlock Holmes Quiz now to see how well you can do. And make sure you share the results and quiz with your friends once you’ve completed it. They may even want to play the Great Sherlock Holmes Quiz themselves to try and beat your score.

  • Question of

    The latest big screen adaptation was called?

    • Sherlock Holmes
    • Sherlock!
    • Sherlock Rules
    • Sherlock Returns
  • Question of

    The name of the 1976 movie was Sherlock Holmes in …..?

    • New York
    • New Orleans
    • New Jersey
    • Newark
    • Newark
  • Question of

    The narrator of the Sherlock Holmes story is?

    • Dr Watson
    • Dr Wilson
    • Dr Ward
    • Dr Williams
  • Question of

    The original Holmes stories where set in both Victorian and which other era?

    • Edwardian
    • Stone Age
    • Wartime
    • Ice Age
  • Question of

    The Return of Sherlock Holmes is actually a what?

    • Collection
    • Biography
    • Memorium
    • Memorium
  • Question of

    The sequel to the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes had which tagline?

    • Game of Shadows
    • Game of Thrones
    • Game of Two Halves
    • Game of Football
  • Question of

    The Sign of what was the second Sherlock Holmes book?

    • Four
    • Two
    • Six
    • Seven
  • Question of

    The TV show set in the present day based on Sherlock Holmes is what?

    • Elementary
    • Electric
    • Epiphany
    • Elegant
  • Question of

    The vampire comes from which English county in the Holmes adventure?

    • Sussex
    • Kent
    • Surrey
    • Cumbria
  • Question of

    There are statues of Holmes and Watson outside the UK Embassy in which city?

    • Moscow
    • Riga
    • Prague
    • Seville

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