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Sherlock Trivia: The Big Sherlock Holmes Quiz

Trivia to assess how well you know Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is the most recognised fictional detective in the world. There have been thousands of stage adaptations, films, television productions and publications featuring the detective. But how well do you know Sherlock? The only way to prove yourself is by taking the Sherlock Trivia: The Big Sherlock Holmes Quiz now.

The quiz will put all your knowledge of the detective to the test. Therefore, it will set apart the true fans from the fakes and only the best can get our top score.

Take the Sherlock Trivia: The Big Sherlock Holmes Quiz now to show how much a fan you really are. And be sure to share the quiz and your results with your family and friends so they can play along too.

  • Question of

    One of Holmes most famous mysteries was The Hound of the….?

    • Baskervilles
    • Baskerhounds
    • Baskervines
    • Baskervintos
  • Question of

    Sherlock Holmes arch enemy was who?

    • Professor Moriarty
    • Clueman
    • The Riddler
    • Mr McTavish
  • Question of

    Sherlock Holmes famously faked his own what at the end of series 2 of the BBC TV series?

    • Death
    • Name
    • Identity
    • Food
  • Question of

    Sherlock Holmes group of informers were called the ‘Baker Street….’?

    • Irregulars
    • Informers
    • Imperfects
    • Infidels
  • Question of

    Sherlock Holmes is also a master of what?

    • Disguise
    • Carpentry
    • Cookery
    • Bricklaying
  • Question of

    Sherlock Holmes only ever admired one woman, who?

    • Irene Adler
    • Iris Anderson
    • Irene Landward
    • Irene Awkward
  • Question of

    Sherlock Holmes trusty sidekick was called Doctor…?

    • Watson
    • Wilhelm
    • Wilson
    • Wandering
  • Question of

    Sidney Edward Paget was the what for the original Holmes stories?

    • Illustrator
    • Translator
    • Ghostwriter
    • Publisher
  • Question of

    The 1979 movie Murder by Decree had Holmes and Watson on the trail of who?

    • Jack the Ripper
    • Jack the Rapper
    • Jack the Reaper
    • Jack the Rupper
  • Question of

    The BBC TV series Sherlock is set in which time?

    • Present Day
    • The Future
    • Medieval Times
    • Prohibition

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