Sherlock Holmes Trivia: The Ultimate Quiz

Trivia about Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes Trivia: The Ultimate Quiz will put all your knowledge of the detective to the test. We have 10 questions about Sherlock and the literature he is featured in. However, be warned. The quiz will have you scratching your head searching for the answers.

Though not the first fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes is arguably the best known. There have been over 30,000 stage adaptations, films, television productions and publications featuring the detective, and he is the most portrayed literary human character in film and television history.

Take the Sherlock Holmes Trivia: The Ultimate Quiz now to show how much a fan you really are. And be sure to share the quiz and your results with your family and friends so they can play along too.

  • Question of

    A Doctor from where is said to be the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes?

    • Edinburgh
    • London
    • Liverpool
    • Canterbury
  • Question of

    A series of books about Dr Watson’s second wife was written by which USA author?

    • Michael Mallory
    • Michael Mallard
    • Michael Mitchell
    • Michael Milson
  • Question of

    All but four of the Holmes’ stories are narrated by who?

    • Dr Watson
    • Dr Jones
    • Dr Winston
    • Dr Spock
  • Question of

    Arthur Conan Doyle sold the rights to first Holmes story A Study in Scarlet for how much?

    • £25.00
    • £2.00
    • £12.50
    • £5,000.00
  • Question of

    Characters in which Star Trek series played Holmes and Watson on the ‘holodeck’?

    • Next Generation
    • Last Generation
    • Future Generation
    • Generation X
  • Question of

    Complete the Holmes story “Scandal in …..?

    • Bohemia
    • London
    • Queens
    • The Lanes
  • Question of

    Complete this Holmes mystery; The Adventure of the …..?

    • Yellow Face
    • The Yellow Flower
    • The Yellow Snow
    • The Yellow Hair
  • Question of

    Conan Doyle ‘killed off’ Holmes in which story before bringing him back 10 years later?

    • The Final Problem
    • The Final Days
    • The Final Countdown
    • The Final Mark
  • Question of

    Dr Watson appeared in which series of detective books by USA author Laurie R King?

    • Mary Russell
    • Mary Ruskin
    • Mary Beard
    • Mary Jane
  • Question of

    Dr Watson served as a surgeon in which of the armed forces?

    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
    • Navy Seals

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