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Global Climate Change Quiz: The Big Challenge

Trivia about the Global Climate 

We all know that climate change is a huge area of concern and debate right now. From world leaders, to action groups, and thought leaders like Greta Thumberg, there is much conversation happening that really should inspire us to learn more. In light of this, our Global Climate Change Quiz invites you to have a go and see how you fair on answering some topical questions related to this issue and debate!

In the the quiz you can expect to be challenged on your knowledge. This includes where climate change has had the most notable and visible impact on our planet. Furthermore, we have questions about global warming’s effect on the animal kingdom.

Good luck! Don’t forget, when you have complete quiz, share your results!

  • Question of

    1910 the Montana Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers. How many does it have today?

    • 25
    • 35
    • 45
    • 55
  • Question of

    1910 the Montana Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers. How many does it have today?

    • 19th
    • 11th
    • 22nd
    • 31st
  • Question of

    995 of the earth’s glaciers are found where?

    • The Andes
    • The Alps
    • The Rocky Mountains
    • The Himalyas
  • Question of

    A kilowatt of energy is equal to how many watts?

    • 1000
    • 100
    • 10
    • 1
  • Question of

    A Photovoltaic Module is what?

    • Solar panel
    • Greenhouse Gas
    • Chemical
    • Deep sea explorer
  • Question of

    A powerful side affect affecting health of global warming will be an increase in what?

    • Pollen
    • Bees
    • Flies
    • Wasps
  • Question of

    A prolonged draught in the US Midwest threatened the supply of what?

    • Popcorn
    • Coffee
    • Oil
    • Bread
  • Question of

    A rise in what can be put down to global warming?

    • Tiger Attacks
    • Bear Attacks
    • Elelphant attacks
    • Lion attacks
  • Question of

    A scientific paper published in 2008 found what percentage of warming was due to the sun?

    • 69
    • 60
    • 50
    • 49

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