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Random Careers Quiz: The Big Challenge

Trivia about Careers and jobs

The Random Careers Quiz: The Big Challenge is a 10 question quiz about different job roles and career paths. From a DJ to an Army lieutenant, the quiz really does have it all.

Have you ever wondered what jobs and careers different people have? Of course, with the rise of technology job roles have changed significantly. There are job roles that have been replaced fully by computers in recent times and new roles in technology have been created.

Are you ready to test yourself? Take the Random Careers Quiz: The Big Challenge now to see how high you can score. And make sure you share your results with family and friends. Subsequently, they may even  want to play along too.

  • Question of

    What is the position of Chef de Cuisine better known as?

    • Head chef
    • Chief executive
    • Head waiter
    • Pot washer
  • Question of

    If you were Best Boy, what industry would you be working in?

    • Television
    • Advertising
    • Agriculture
    • Construction
  • Question of

    Which of the following jobs involves math?

    • Statistician
    • Hairdresser
    • Painter
    • Parking attendant
  • Question of

    What job would sell Pollock and Whiting?

    • Fishmonger
    • Greengrocer
    • Baker
    • Cheese monger
  • Question of

    What is the name of the government official who confirms a persons death?

    • Coroner
    • Pathologist
    • Drafter
    • Underwriter
  • Question of

    Where might you find a Disc Jockey working?

    • Radio station
    • Kitchen
    • Farm
    • Racetrack
  • Question of

    If you use a process called Stop Motion, what is your job?

    • Animator
    • Radiographer
    • Painter
    • Forensic scientist
  • Question of

    What is the lowest rank in the British Army?

    • Private
    • Lance Corporal
    • Corporal
    • Sergeant
  • Question of

    What do Chandlers provide supplies for?

    • Boats
    • Armies
    • Camping trips
    • Builders
  • Question of

    To whom might you say Break a Leg before they start work?

    • Actor
    • Paramedic
    • Civil servant
    • Journalist

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