London Trivia Quiz: The Big Challenge

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For Londoners and frequent visitors to the Big Smoke, you should fair well in the London Trivia Quiz: The Big Challenge. Have you done your homework on the capital’s long and fascinating history? Find out now!

In the quiz, we’ve primed a quick 10-question round for you test yourself.  How much you really know about the UK’s capital city? Or it’s history? Whether you are a general history buff, or London happens to be your specialist subject, this quiz will be fun and lively way to see how much you really know about London’s incredible history.

We’ve got a range of topics covered in the London Trivia Quiz: The Big Challenge. From the history of world-famous Borough Market, to coveted national landmarks like Buckingham Palace. We’ve packed a lot in for you to test out your London history knowledge!

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    At which London palace will the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge set up home?

    • Kensington Palace
    • Buckingham Palace
    • Lambeth Palace
    • St James’ Palace
  • Question of

    Back in the 1700s, who was the first tenant of 25 Brook Street, London?

    • Handel
    • George II
    • Shakespeare
    • Rembrandt
  • Question of

    Borough Market was opened in which year?

    • 1014
    • 1114
    • 1214
    • 1414
  • Question of

    Buckingham Palace was opened to the public in which year?

    • 1993
    • 1983
    • 1973
    • 1963
  • Question of

    Charlie Chaplin was born in London in which year?

    • 1888
    • 1928
    • 1911
    • 1789
  • Question of

    Dying in London in 2006, whose last words were ‘The bastards got me but they won’t get everybody’?

    • Alexander Litvinenko
    • Spike Milligan
    • Saddam Hussein
    • Steve Irwin
  • Question of

    From the 1660s to the 1960s, what sort of wholesale market was situated at Covent Garden in London?

    • Fruit and vegetables
    • Textiles
    • Metal goods
    • Beer
  • Question of

    Hamley’s Toy Store was opened to the public in which year?

    • 1760
    • 1860
    • 1960
    • 2001
  • Question of

    How any kilometres does the London Tube network stretch too?

    • 400km
    • 100km
    • 200km
    • 10km

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