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Coronation Street Trivia Quiz – UK TV Quiz

Trivia about Coronation Street

Since its first broadcast in 1960, Coronation Street has become a staple of northern British Culture. Over the last 6 decade it has consistently been one of the most watch programmes on British TV. If you think you know all about Corrie, then the Coronation Street Trivia Quiz is for you.

We have 10 questions about the UK’s most iconic soap in the Coronation Street Trivia Quiz. Only the truest fans will be able to get all 10 correct. Take the quiz now to find out how well you can do and be sure to share your results and the quiz on social media. Some of your friends may want to play themselves to try and beat your score!

  • Question of

    Who was by sitting by the side of Molly Dobbs when she died?

    • Sally Webster
    • Tyrone Dobbs
    • Kevin Webster
    • Sunita Alahan
  • Question of

    Which of these women did Mike Baldwin NOT marry during his days on The Street?

    • Deirdre Hunt
    • Maxine Peacock
    • Alma Sedgewick
    • Tracey Barlow
  • Question of

    What was Ken Barlow’s job before retiring?

    • Teacher
    • Stock Broker
    • Building Surveyor
    • Mechanic
  • Question of

    Which much loved character left Coronation Street on Christmas Day, 1987?

    • Hilda Ogden
    • Alf Roberts
    • Rosie Webster
    • Bet Lynch
  • Question of

    Deirdre Barlow had an affair with which of these men?

    • Mike Baldwin
    • Alec Gilroy
    • Steve McDonald
    • Alan Bradley
  • Question of

    Which barmaid seduced Des Barnes while he was in a relationship with Raquel Watts?

    • Tanya Pooley
    • Lorraine Ramsden
    • Tricia Armstrong
    • Liz McDonald
  • Question of

    Who tried to kill Rita Sullivan by suffocating her?

    • Alan Bradley
    • Fred Elliott
    • Alec Gilroy
    • Steve McDonald
  • Question of

    How did Don Brennan lose his leg?

    • Trying to kill himself
    • In the Rover Returns fire
    • Armed robbery in Mike Baldwin’s factory
    • Saving his cat from the roof
  • Question of

    Which of these characters did Don Brennan have an affair with?

    • Julie Dewhurst
    • Gail Platt
    • Deirdre Barlow
    • Bet Lynch
  • Question of

    Maxine Peacock had a drunken one night stand with which character?

    • Matt Ramsden
    • Tyrone Dobbs
    • Dev Alahan
    • Sam Kingston

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