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British Soap Quiz: The Coronation Street Challenge

Trivia about the UK TV soap opera Corrie

Coronation Street is one of the longest running TV shows that has ever been created. It has been shown on British screens for over 60 years, with over 10,000 episodes broadcast. However, only the most devoted Corrie fans will be able to get all 10 questions correct in the British Soap Quiz: The Coronation Street Challenge.

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of our champions? Find out by taking the British Soap Quiz: The Coronation Street Challenge now. Even if you can’t get all the questions right, you’ll be sure to learn a few new facts along the way which you can show off to all your friends. And don’t forget to share your score on social media! They may even want to play along to beat your score!

  • Question of

    Which character did the actress Pat Phoenix play?

    • Elsie Tanner
    • Minnie Caldwell
    • Annie Walker
    • Ena Sharples
  • Question of

    Who was hired as a Rover’s Return barmaid in 1970?

    • Bet Lynch
    • Betty Turpin
    • Lucille Hewitt
    • Gail Potter
  • Question of

    Who was mayor of Weatherfield alongside mayoress Annie Walker in 1973?

    • Alf Roberts
    • Jack Walker
    • Ken Barlow
    • Len Fairclough
  • Question of

    Who was Deirdre Barlow’s first husband, whom she married in 1975?

    • Ray Langton
    • Mike Baldwin
    • Ken Barlow
    • Billy Walker
  • Question of

    Tina O’Brien plays which character in The Street?

    • Sarah-Louise Platt
    • Faye Windass
    • Michelle Connor
    • Betty Turpin
  • Question of

    Which of these Oscar winners has played a small role on Coronation Street?

    • Brenda Fricker
    • Emma Thompson
    • Daniel Day-Lewis
    • Anthony Hopkins
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    Which of these characters has NOT been an owner or part-owner of the Rover’s Return?

    • Emily Bishop
    • Natalie Barnes
    • Bet Gilroy
    • Vera Duckworth
  • Question of

    Who is the father of Tracy Barlow’s daughter Amy?

    • Steve McDonald
    • Charlie Stubbs
    • Jason Grimshaw
    • Dev Alahan
  • Question of

    Who tried to ruin Steve and Karen McDonald’s wedding?

    • Tracy Barlow
    • Liz McDonald
    • Maria Connor
    • Hayley Cropper
  • Question of

    Who mistakenly set the Underworld factory on fire with a cigarette in 2004?

    • Janice Battersby
    • Hayley Cropper
    • Maria Connor
    • Linda Sykes

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