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British Soap Trivia: The Corrie Quiz

Trivia about everyones favourite soap opera Corrie

So, think you’re the biggest Coronation Street fan there is? Well the only way to prove yourself is to become one of the champions of the British Soap Trivia: The Corrie Quiz. With only 10 questions, the quiz will be able to tell you in minutes if you really are a true fan of Britain’s most loved TV show.

Take the British Soap Trivia: The Corrie Quiz now to find out how well you can do. And make sure you share you results and the on your social media accounts as evidence! Your friends and family may even way to play themselves to try and beat you! After all, everyone loves a bit of friendly competition, don’t they?

  • Question of

    Who was Emily Nugent’s first husband?

    • Ernest Bishop
    • Percy Sugden
    • Norris Cole
    • Derek Wilton
  • Question of

    Des Barnes and Natalie Horrocks were married in which year?

    • 1998
    • 1996
    • 2000
    • 1990
  • Question of

    Which character was killed by a shovel by Richard Hillman in 2002?

    • Patricia Hillman
    • Gail Hillman
    • Maxine Peacock
    • Emily Bishop
  • Question of

    Who was responsible for the death of Jez Quigley in 2000?

    • Jim McDonald
    • Les Battersby
    • Steve McDonald
    • Peter Barlow
  • Question of

    A car accident involving Terry Duckworth led to the death of which character?

    • Judy Mallett
    • Natalie Barnes
    • Jackie Dobbs
    • Alec Gilroy
  • Question of

    Whose house did Alma Halliwell die in 2001?

    • Audrey Roberts
    • Mike Baldwin
    • Rita Sullivan
    • Fred Elliott
  • Question of

    Who was Alan Bradley chasing in Blackpool when he got run over by a tram?

    • Rita Sullivan
    • Audrey Roberts
    • Maxine Heavey
    • Sally Webster
  • Question of

    Whose baby did Alison Webster kidnap in 2000?

    • Sarah Platt
    • Maxine Peacock
    • Sally Webster
    • Janice Battersby
  • Question of

    Which woman was found dead in Duggie Ferguson’s bed in 2001?

    • Edna Miller
    • Iris Miller
    • Emily Shaw
    • Lilly Shaw
  • Question of

    Who pulled out Sunita Alahan’s oxygen tube, causing her to die from cardiac arrest?

    • Karl Munro
    • Stella Price
    • Dev Alahan
    • Tracy Barlow

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