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Corrie Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about how well you know Coronation Street

Coronation Street has been a staple of British Television since it began airing in December 1960. But how much do you know about Britain’s’ most loved soap? Take the Corrie Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge to find out how many questions you can get right out of 10.

The quiz will test even the truest fans of the soap and you will struggle to get all 10 questions correct.

Take the Corrie Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge now to find out how well you can do and be sure to share your results on social media so you can show off your score to all your friends and family!

  • Question of

    Which band performed at the wedding of Les and Cilla Battersby?

    • Status Quo
    • Spandau Ballet
    • Stone Roses
    • S Club 7
  • Question of

    What year was the first episode of Coronation Street aired?

    • 1960
    • 1950
    • 1955
    • 1958
  • Question of

    What is the name of Rita Sullivan’s shop?

    • The Kabin
    • Underworld
    • Roy’s Rolls
    • Street Cars
  • Question of

    What number Coronation Street did Stan and Hilda Ogden live at?

    • 13
    • 11
    • 1
    • 9
  • Question of

    Which family have always lived in the house next to the Rovers Return?

    • Barlows
    • Battersbys
    • Websters
    • Ogdens
  • Question of

    Which character won a beer drinking contest in the pub Olympics in 1972?

    • Stan Ogden
    • Ken Barlow
    • Mike Baldwin
    • Alf Roberts
  • Question of

    Who did Michael Rodwell pretend to be when he first met Gail Platt?

    • The gas man
    • The electrician
    • A policeman
    • A mechanic
  • Question of

    Which special guest star made an appearance on the soap’s 40th anniversary episode in 2000?

    • Prince Charles
    • Ian McKellen
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Judi Dench
  • Question of

    How did Valerie Barlow die?

    • Electrocution
    • Cancer
    • Car Crash
    • Fire
  • Question of

    Who played Reg Holdsworth?

    • Ken Morley
    • William Roache
    • Malcolm Hebden
    • David Neilson

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