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Coronation Street Trivia: The Big Challenge

Trivia about Corrie

If you are a fan of the soap you must take the Coronation Street Trivia: The Big Challenge to find out if you can answer the 10 questions correctly. Be warned, some of the questions in the quiz are not easy and only the truest fans will be able to get all 10 right.

Coronation Street, commonly known as Corrie, is arguably the UK’s most iconic programme. Having broadcast over 10,000 episodes, the soap isn’t only popular in the UK, but has a huge following in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

So, don’t delay! Take the Coronation Street Trivia: The Big Challenge now to find out how well you can do. Don’t forget to share your results so you can show off to all your friends and family!

  • Question of

    Which couple offered to buy the baby of a homeless pregnant teenage girl?

    • Gary and Judy Mallett
    • Kevin and Sally Webster
    • Martin and Gail Platt
    • Jim and Liz McDonald
  • Question of

    How much did Zoe Tattersall ask for in exchange for her baby daughter?

    • £2,000
    • £500
    • £1,500
    • £1,000
  • Question of

    What crime did Steve McDonald commit that landed him with a two year prison sentence?

    • Buying stolen goods
    • Breaking and entering
    • Domestic assault
    • Attempted murder
  • Question of

    What was Hayley Cropper’s big secret when she first arrived in Coronation Street?

    • She had been born a man
    • She had killed her mother
    • She was married to two men
    • She had previously been a prostitute
  • Question of

    Audrey Roberts’s son Stephen Reid lives in which country?

    • Canada
    • Sweden
    • France
    • Poland
  • Question of

    Jenny Bradley returned to The Street in 2015 as the love interest of which character?

    • Kevin Webster
    • Peter Barlow
    • Tyrone Dobbs
    • Todd Grimshaw
  • Question of

    Martin Platt had an affair with which character, which led to his divorce from wife Gail?

    • Rebecca Hopkins
    • Sally Webster
    • Katy Harris
    • Raquel Watts
  • Question of

    What is the name of Raquel and Curly Watts’ daughter?

    • Alice
    • Bet
    • Rita
    • Gail
  • Question of

    What is the name of the pub in Coronation Street?

    • Rover’s Return
    • The Woolpack
    • The Queen Vic
    • Lassiter’s
  • Question of

    Which country did Deirdre Barlow’s husband Samir Rashid come from?

    • Morocco
    • Tunisia
    • Iran
    • Libya

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