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Sporting Trivia Quiz: The Epic Challenge

Trivia about activities and Sports

In the Sporting Trivia Quiz: The Epic Challenge we have 10 questions about a range of sports that are played all around the world. Whether you think you have what it takes to get all 10 questions correct or you simply want to learn a few new facts about sport in general, the quiz is the perfect quiz for you.

Most sports in the United States evolved out of European practices. However, volleyball, skateboarding and snowboarding are American inventions, some of which have become popular in other countries.

Take the Sporting Trivia Quiz: The Epic Challenge now to find out just how well you can do, but make sure you share your results on social media as proof to all your friends!

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    What is the name of the film that tells the story of two British athletes at the 1924 Olympics?

    • Chariots of Fire
    • Gone with the Wind
    • From Here to Eternity
    • Casablanca
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    Which of the 4 major tennis tournaments did Pete Sampras fail to win?

    • French Open
    • Australian Open
    • US Open
    • Wimbledon
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    What is the term for a high golf shot usually hit over hazards?

    • Flop
    • Chip
    • Drive
    • Punch
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    Which country has the most Olympics gold medals in field hockey?

    • India
    • Pakistan
    • Australia
    • USA
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    Which Olympic event uses ’10m platform’ and ‘3m springboard’?

    • Diving
    • Equestrianism
    • Fencing
    • Rowing
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    Which Olympic field event starts in a caged circle?

    • Hammer
    • Pole vault
    • Javelin
    • Triple jump
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    Which Olympics will be the first for a South American country?

    • 2016
    • 2012
    • 2020
    • 2024
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    What is the duration of a game of rugby union?

    • 80 mins
    • 100 mins
    • 90 mins
    • 70 mins
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    Who was the last American man to win the singles title at Wimbledon?

    • Pete Sampras
    • Andy Roddick
    • Andre Agassi
    • John Isner
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    Which of these tennis Grand Slams is held in January?

    • Australian Open
    • US Open
    • Wimbledon
    • French Open

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