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Sport Facts Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge

Trivia about Sports and activities

Do you think of yourself as a bit of a sport fanatic? If so, the Sport Facts Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge will be sure to put your knowledge to the test. We’ve got questions about sporting events, teams and even sponsors. So be warned, the quiz is tough and only the truest fans will be able to become one of our ultimate champions and get all 10 of the questions correct.

Don’t delay! Take the Sport Facts Trivia: The Ultimate Challenge now to prove yourself, you may just come out a winner and if not you’ll be sure to learn a few new facts you can show off to your friends next time you’re in the pub. You could even play against them by sharing the quiz and seeing who can get the highest score.

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    The 2010 Winter Olympics were held where?

    • Vancouver
    • Lake Placid
    • Montreal
    • Ottawa
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    Who was the 2013 Formula One Drivers’ champion?

    • Sebastian Vettel
    • Fernando Alonso
    • Lewis Hamilton
    • Nico Rosberg
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    Which of these players has scored a goal in an FA Cup Final, a League Cup Final, a UEFA Cup Final and a Champions League Final?

    • Steven Gerrard
    • Ryan Giggs
    • Michael Owen
    • Didier Drogba
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    Which of these balls is worth the most points in snooker?

    • Pink
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • Question of

    Which golfer won the 2015 US Masters?

    • Jordan Spieth
    • Rory McIlroy
    • Tiger Woods
    • Justin Rose
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    In the 2013-14 season, Etihad Airways sponsor which of these teams?

    • Manchester City
    • Chelsea
    • A.C. Milan
    • Liverpool
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    Adam Gilchrist played international cricket for which team?

    • Australia
    • England
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
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    What do the following shirts have in common: West Ham’s No. 6, Man City’s No. 23 and Chelsea’s No. 25?

    • All been retired
    • Worn by brothers
    • All worn by the same person
    • All worn by goalkeepers
  • Question of

    Bjorn Borg won his first Grand Slam title in 1974, which one?

    • French Open
    • Wimbledon
    • Australian Open
    • US Open
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    What is Formula One driver Michael Schumacher’s brother called?

    • Ralf
    • Sebastian
    • Gerd
    • Mario

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